Physical Render: Visualizing Interior Daylight in Cinema 4D

In this episode of Cine Design Training, we cover some of the advanced settings in Physical Render. If you are having trouble with “Blotchy” or “Grainy” shadows, this video will guide you through the steps to optimizing those results. We also cover how to use the “Sky” and “Sun” objects to accurately visualize a DAY INTERIOR scene that is lit by a single window.

The concepts and techniques covered in this Cinema 4D tutorial will allow you to quickly and beautifully render daylight scenes for your Cine Design work. This is a very common scenario, so mastering this process is essential.



One reply on “Physical Render: Visualizing Interior Daylight in Cinema 4D

  • Jarrett Craig

    Could the same principles apply for planning out a day/exterior scene utilizing sun angle data and time of day from suncalc? It would be a great visualization tool for pre laying track to pre-vis lens and coverage scenarios for exterior scenes. This is all very interesting. Can’t wait to learn this.

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