Winning the DP Hustle and Motorized Precision with Sean Brown

In this episode of Modern Cinematographer, we talk about a general strategy for winning the “DP Hustle” phase of your career.

No matter where you are in your career, you probably look up to the more “senior” cinematographers and you might be trying to emulate their work. The problem is that it’s very difficult to win in an arena, that someone has been dominating for many years.

Motorized Precision with Sean Brown

Modern Cinematography Sean Brown

We also speak with Sean Brown, who is a cinematographer and the founder of a new company called “Motorized Precision.” Motorized Precision enables cinematographers to say “Yes” when directors and clients ask for cameras moves that are both incredibly fast and precise. Their flagship camera robot named “Kira” is a new breed of 6-axis robots that can chase a drop of water or perfectly orbit around a head of match.

The software that controls Kira is called “MP Studio” and it’s a modern reboot of the slow and clunky traditional motion control interfaces. MP Studio and Kira promise to be both fast and intuitive for directors and cinematographers to program camera moves. In addition to controlling Kira, MP Studio enables the cinematographer to previsualize the robot’s movement and the cameras’s point of view in 3D. This is an important part of the process to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

Check out Motorized Precision at NAB 2016 this year and check out their new website!

Motorized Precision: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Motorized Precision Demos

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