USC Cinematography Program with DP Gus Bendinelli

In this episode of Modern Cinematographer, we speak with DP Gus Bendinelli who is a 2015 graduate of the USC Cinematography Program aka USC School of Cinematic Arts. Gus shares his process of selecting USC and creating an application film. Gus is now a freelance DP in LA and he gives some great advice to other recent grads.

USC Cinematography Program

with DP Gus Bendinelli

If you are interested in going to film school and you are considering University of Southern California USC Cinematography Program, then this episode is going to give you a great overview of the program. Gus shares his first hand knowledge of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

  • Selecting USC over other film schools
  • Creating and entrance/application film
  • USC School of Cinematic Arts Program Overview
  • Staff and Alumni
  • Internship at Abel Cine LA
  • Post-Graduation work
  • Advice for prospective USC students


Cinematography Database Profile (2016)

Gus Bendinelli

Modern Cinematographer Gus Bendinelli

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Modern Cinematographer Gus Bendinelli

Modern Cinematographer Gus Bendinelli

Modern Cinematographer Gus Bendinelli

Modern Cinematographer Gus Bendinelli

5 replies on “USC Cinematography Program with DP Gus Bendinelli

  • Oren Soffer

    Thank you so much for these, Matt. Great interview with Gus but for me, your preamble was really affecting and I can’t thank you enough for being so candid with your experiences navigating this crazy business. As a nerdy guy myself and not much of a partier, it’s great to hear someone who has had a similar experience and still made it out intact on the other side. Great insights and advice as always – so thank you!

  • Brian Gurnett

    Hey Matt.

    Great episode. I especially dug the info in the intro about relationships vs. technical prowess. This struck a chord with me for sure. After making that own realization for myself, that I needed to focus more on the maintaining relationships than knowing everything about lighting and stuff, things did get better. I’m still figuring this out, but to the new guys out there, this is important.


    -Brian Gurnett

  • Sam

    This is some of the best content you’ve ever shared. I really appreciate the work you’re putting in.

    Thanks Matt

  • Erik Kim


    I love the track that you use for your intros. Where did you get the track and what is it called? I’d really appreciate it!


  • Devin Cutter

    Hey Matt,

    Thank you for being very honest and direct in your podcasts, especially during your opening thoughts, statements, and reflections. I really dig these “chicken soup” moments as you refer to them, and I look forward to hearing more in future shows. You are definitely on the forefront with where cinematography seems to be heading, so thank you for sharing your insights and for bringing great interviews and conversations to the table.



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