Adobe Fuse Characters: Realistic Hair in Cinema 4D

In this episode we add realistic hair to our Adobe Fuse character using the Cinema 4D Hair Object.

Adobe Fuse Characters: Realistic Hair

Select Polygons Where the Hair Will Go, Create Hair Object

The Cinema 4D hair system is very simple and intuitive. Love it! Select the body mesh, go to Polygon mode, then hit “9” and select paint the scalp and where you want to add hair. Then go to Simulate->Hair Objects->Add Hair.

Select the Hair Object, change the length and number of hairs

When you create the Hair Object it will show up in the object manager. Select the hair object and in Attributes->Guides set the count to 500 and the length to 10 cm. Attributes->Hairs change the count from 5000 to 15000.

Add A Hair Collider Tag to the Body

Select the body mesh and add a Hair Collider tag. Tags->Hair Tags->Hair Collider. This will stop the hair from clipping through the face.

Relax the hair and simulate gravity

Select the hair object and Dynamics->Animation, find the relax button. Hit is multiple times until the hair falls nicely on the face. This might be slow depending on your system.


This step took me days of researching online to figure out. Select the hair and go to Simulate-> Hair Edit-> Set As Dynamics. This will stop your hair from popping back to afro mode when you go to frame one.

Groom the Hair

Under Simulate->Hair Mode->Points. Just do it. Then use the Simulate->Hair Tools->Brush and Scissors. You can then cut the hair and brush it around until you are happy. Please save your file before you start this process, even though you can undo, it’s easy to completely mess up the hair beyond repair.

Hair Shader

I could make a 20 hour course on the hair shader. But in general change the hair color to what you want. Change the Specular and sharpness to define how shiny the hair is. Change the hair width to something very small like .01cm. The other options will add frizz, curls, waves, etc. to the hair. You will need to experiment for hours, days, weeks, to full understand all of the shader settings.

But it’s fun! Make some crazy hair. Make short hair, make long hair.

Be prepared for longer render times but you are now working with a higher quality Adobe Fuse based human model with PBR shaders and Cinema 4D hair.

Congrats. We will continue to evolve this character into an industry standard photo real animation quality human.