Shooting a Successful Youtube Show “Tested” with Joey Fameli

In this episode of Modern Cinematographer we speak with Joey Fameli, who is the Senior Video Producer of the successful Youtube show Tested.

In the pre-interview we talk about working for free, exposure, and experience. While everyone needs to make money to pay their bills, working for free is something that all cinematographers will have to do at some point in their career. The trick is to frame every job, free or paid, as an opportunity to improve, learn, and build your network.

We speak with Joey about how he started in the industry and eventually found himself producing and shooting for the parent company of Tested. Joey has been with the show since the beginning and he walks us through how Tested evolved into the wildly successful Youtube show that it is today. Shows like Tested are incredibly relevant today for Modern Cinematographers because they are the future of entertainment and advertising.


Joey Fameli

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Joey Fameli

Joey Fameli is the Senior Video Producer of the wildly successful show Tested. You can see hundreds of episodes of the show @ or their Youtube channel. Joey has been with he show since it’s launch and he’s launched other successful shows for Whisky Media.

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Joey Fameli

Joey Fameli

Joey Fameli

4 replies on “Shooting a Successful Youtube Show “Tested” with Joey Fameli

  • Stephen Greathouse

    Hey Matt,

    I was hoping you could elaborate on how you personally communicate with musicians when shooting music videos. Specifically when dealing with a musicians who are a polar opposite of your life stage/culture (ex; reserved DP vs boisterous Rapper).

    Side note, I used to intern for Joey Fameli parent company Whalerock Industries, back in 2012. They are a great company with great youtube shows such as, Tested, Tasted, Cinefix and more.

    Thanks for your time and doing this podcast!


  • Simon

    I’m guessing Devon Graham/Supertramp is the big youtube star you want to bring on the podcast… which you should definitely do.

  • Maliik

    These podcasts are great and the pre interview in this one in particular was very inspiring. I’m really glad to have heard your perspective on the working for free topic. I’m actually in film school right now and everyone seems so dead set against working on unpaid projects, I feel like the only person willing to do stuff for free. I know you mentioned something about needing an editor for Facebook videos and I know this is a long shot, but I have plenty of free time this summer and would volunteer to edit those for the experience alone. My contact info is in my profile if you’d like to reach me. Regardless, thanks for these podcasts and CDB.

  • alan lukatela

    free shoots.
    always did them.
    always will do them.
    half the time it’s a great opportunity to ask the producer to get you a new piece of gear you’ve never used.
    because they aren’t paying you, usually they are willing to pull huge favours to sweeten the deal .

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