New Camera System in Cine Designer Build 4

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  • giacomo venturi

    Hey Matt … i’m Maya user … and i wanna ask to u…. why cine design is only for C4D?
    that is good…. but thinking about cinema and 3d model that must be integrate in term of light and footage….
    maya i think is the best software.
    Cinema4D isn’t like maya .
    i really interested about ur plugin … but really … i know maya … i never open c4d because i thought that c4d was less professional then autodesk

    • Matt Workman

      Hey Giacomo,

      I know Maya very well and I have a Cine Designer plugin for Maya that is still in development. However, in general Maya is suited for bigger studios with custom solutions. Where Cinema 4D is better suited for the solo freelancer, or in my case, the solo filmmaker.

      Cinema 4D is a modern take on 3D software and it’s a much easier to learn from scratch and it’s much easier to develop plugins for. Again, I’ve developed plugins for Maya (Production Previs Tools) that had a successful beta with some of the big VFX/Previs studios, but it’s not ready to be released.

      What kind of work do you do?



  • thry-dong

    This plugin is suitable for Maya, and I’m sure the demand is for Maya on the other.
    Maya Plugin …. Pliiiise
    Maya Plugin …. Pliiiise
    Maya Plugin …. Pliiiise

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