There are 3 different ways to watch “Virtual Reality” 360 videos on Youtube. We look at using an internet browser, the YouTube app on a mobile, and using the Google Cardboard.


How to Watch 360 Youtube Videos

Youtube 360 Browser

Browser 360

Requires: Computer + Browser + Mouse
The easiest way to view a Youtube 360 videos is use an internet browser on your computer. Use your mouse or track pad to click and drag on the YouTube video player, to rotate the point of view of the 360 camera.
*As of writing this, Youtube 360 only really supports Google Chrome. So go get that if you are using another browser.
Youtube 360 Handheld YouTube App

Handheld 360

Requires: Smart Phone / Tablet + Youtube App + Handheld VR
To really experience the 360 video you can open this video in the YOUTUBE APP. Once you are watching the video in the YOUTUBE APP, you can physically pan and tilt the phone and it will control the 360 camera. This is really fun and free, I 100% recommend this!
Youtube 360 Stereo 3D Google Cardboard

Stereo (3D) 360

Requires: Smart Phone + Google Cardboard + Youtube App
To really experience the true STEREO 3D 360 YouTube video, you will need a Google Cardboard which is an affordable VR housing for your smart phone. Open the video in the Youtube App and select the VR Glasses button, which will create two different videos, one for each eye. Then insert your phone into the Google Cardboard and watch the VR video in 3D + 360!