Cinebait: Premium Cinematography News aka Clickbait

Just in time to stop the world from literally killing itself, Matt Workman has returned to blogging for the acclaimed and fully legit website, Cinematography Database. His new blog is called CINEBAIT

When the former cinematographer’s YouTube channel received a “Strike” (a convoluted way for YouTube to escape legal responsibility of content creators being sued) he was forced to also take down his once lovely cinematography blog.

No one noticed but his wife who had helped laboriously spell check every post, but Matt felt compelled to start the blog up again.

“I feel like I’m already EASILY the biggest spammer and troll on YouTube and Instagram, so it’s time to bring that special sauce to the blog and Facebook world.”

Matt apologizes for the low quality of his first 5 blog posts, Facebook requires him to have 5 posts to allow him to post Facebook Instant Articles. Once the algorithm allows him to spread his cinematography click bait onto your mobile Facebook feeds, he promises to make posts and thumbnails that even Sir Roger Deakins would consider clicking or tapping.