LaCie Rugged vs G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC Portable Hard Drives

If you drop a LaCie or G-Technology hard drive, you are an idiot.

That being said, most of us have mishandled a hard drive or two in the past and some of us may or may not have lost an entire days worth of footage due to “butter fingers.” From a manufacturer perspective, it makes perfect sense for both LaCie and G-Technology to create hard drives that are unbreakable, rugged, or filmmaker-friendly.

Reasons That LaCie and G-Tech Make “Rugged” Hard Drives

  1. To stop filmmakers from writing salty reviews of their products on Amazon
  2. To stop filmmakers from filming salty video reviews of their products on YouTube
  3. To stop filmmakers from trying to sue them, or threatening to sue them on Facebook and Twitter

Despite the incredible robustness of this new breed of “rugged” hard drives, filmmakers still manage to find ways to break, corrupt, explode, and or submerge their valuble data boxes.

“Scientist believe that when the average filmmaker sees the word “Rugged,” they are more likely to drop or manhandle the hardware.”

At Cinematography Database, we have experienced this curious effect first hand. One creative intern challenged the entire company to a hard drive juggling challenge via Instagram Stories. When asked for comment, the intern pointed to the amount of new followers he had gained, and exclaimed “worth it.”

What is the most Filmmaker-Friendly hard drive?

LaCie G-Technology Rugged Portable Hard Drives

Cinematography Database is a company comprised of filmmakers. What we require from a hard drive is simple:

  1. 7200 RPM to enable read and write speeds high enough to enable 1080p and 4K editing
  2. Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity
  3. Water Proof enough to be dropped into the company fish tank
  4. Rugged enough to survive a hard drive juggling challenge video

We conducted a company wide rugged portable hard drive test and we’ve summarized our findings in one elequont paragraph.

“LaCie was first to the whole Rugged thing. They put rubber around their hard drives, but we put their hard drives in water, GG. G-Technology put their hard drives in an air tight / drop proof case. G-Technology FTW.”

If you work with “filmmakers” we recommend trying the new G-Technology G-Drive ATC EV Portable Hard Drives.

LaCie Rugged 1TB
G-Technology Rugged 1TB



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