Our First Cinematography Course!

In August of 2017 we launched our first online cinematography course and it’s been a great success! In this post I want to briefly talk about why and how I made the course and what our plans are for the future.

Why Did I Make This Course?

I’ve spent the last 2 years on YouTube and Instagram talking about cinematography and teaching what I know and what I’ve been learning. While they are both great platforms, they aren’t the best places to teach something in great depth. So I decided I wanted to create a place where I could create long form in depth cinematography content and the courses section of Cinematography Database was created.

The First Course Topic

The first course I created was about White Cyc Lighting. White cyc lighting is something I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. It started with music videos and then moved into commercials. I’ve been able to make a living shooting white cyc and green/blue screens, so this is the first topic I wanted to share with up and coming cinematographers.

I learned these techniques by observing on bigger sets and learning from DPs and gaffers. I wanted to share that experience virtually for people who are unable to get on bigger sets in person.


I spent a month brainstorming what concepts, techniques, and setups I would use to illustrate the fundamentals of white cyc studio lighting. After making an outline I broke the content into “modules” that were made of “lessons.” Each lesson would be a video about 5-10 minutes long. I recorded the A-roll and voice over in a few days and then created the corresponding illustrations with Cine Designer over a month.

This forced me to further develop Cine Designer and I made a lot of improvements that will make their way into the next update/release.

The Future

I am currently developing a Set Designer, which will allow me to visualize sets, rooms, houses at a much higher level of quality. When that is completed I have plans for a course on location lighting and stage lighting with sets.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the course and I’m looking forward to producing more in the future.



You can watch the trailer for the course and take two lessons for free @ courses.cinematographydb.com