Develop 3D Live 2017

Develop 3D Live is a conference that brings together designers and the hardware and software vendors who make up the quickly evolving AEC and manufacturing industry.

I went to the conference because Cinematography Database relies on the same technology like 3d modeling, 3d rendering, 3D scanning, virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality to create tools for the modern cinematographer and filmmakers like Cine Designer and Set Designer.


Who Did I Meet With?

Foundry – Modo VR

The first company that I met with was Foundry who make the Nuke, MoDo, Katana, Mari and several other VFX industry software solutions.  They were showcasing their new Modo VR beta where you can use their 3D animation program inside of an HTC Vive virtual reality head mounted display.

I am still very new to VR and I got sick after about 10 minutes, but I hear that it takes time to build up your stamina.

The experience of viewing and interacting with 3D sets in virtual reality is really compelling.  You really feel like you on a set and it gives you a “physically” accurate point of view.

I’m very interested to see how Modo VR develops and I spoke to them about possibly developing a Cine Designer VR plugin for Modo when it’s out.


AMD Radeon Pro

I recently purchased a new PC with a Ryzen Threadripper 1950x CPU and I have also been playing with the new GPU renderer called Pro Redner in Cinema 4D R19.  It turns out that AMD are the creators of Pro Render and I got to speak with their team about it’s development and implementation in C4D.

I asked them if it would be possible to access the direct/raw pixel data so I could visualize the lux reading from all of the lights.  This would allow me to accurately map real world lumen values to the lights and then calculate the corresponding lux/footcandle and exposure at different parts of the set.

More info on this as it develops.


3d Connexion and Boxx

I met with the head of marketing for 3D Connexion who make really interesting 3D input devices.  It was my first time using one and I plan on ordering one and using it on my primary Cinema 4D workstation for making smooth walk through videos.

Boxx computers are every where in the pro 3D world and it was great to chat with them for an hour about their systems and how they work.  I already have my PC workstation but I’ll definitely take a closer look at their laptops if I need a Windows laptop with a proper GPU in it.