Get Started with Cine Designer!

Step 1: Download Maxon Cinema 4D


Step 2: Buy Cine Designer R2


Step 3: Watch Our Online Training Videos

Cine Design Training YouTube Channel Cine Designer

We have a YouTube channel called “Cine Designer Training” dedicated to teaching you Cinema 4D and Cine Designer.



What Version of Cinema 4D Should I Buy?

You need “Physical Render” to use Cine Designer correctly, so you will need Cinema 4D “Broadcast” or higher. We recommend getting Cinema 4D “Visualize” if you want to be able to import 3D Warehouse / SketchUp models.

Does Cine Designer work with Cinema 4D Lite (After Effects Version)?

Cine Designer will NOT work with Cinema 4D Lite the version that comes with Adobe After Effects. WE WISH IT DID!



If you have any questions about Cine Designer please feel free to contact us @