This is the full list of what is included with Cine Designer R2 BUILD 2


Arri Alexa XT
Canon C300
Red Epic Dragon


Dana Dolly
Free Fly Movi M15
JL Fisher Fisher Model 10 Dolly
Kessler Cine Slider
Manfrotto MT190X3
O’Connor Cine HD Tripod
O’Connor Cine HD Baby Tripod
O’Connor HiHat Mitchell
Porsche Cayenne Turbo & Russian Arm
Stanton Jimmy Jib
Technocrane SRO SuperTechno 30 Base & SuperTechno 30 Arm
The Original Slider 3′ Slider


Arri Arrihead 2
Flight Head 5
Kessler Second Shooter Plus (Pan and Tilt Head)
Manfrotto 405
Manfrotto 502AH
O’Connor 2575
Stanton Jimmy Jib Head
Technocrane SRO Z-Head 2 Axis


Aputure LS 1/2
Arri 150w Tungsten Fresnel
Arri 300w Tungsten Fresnel
Arri 650w Tungsten Fresnel
Arri T1
Arri T2
Arri T5
Arri T12
Arri L10C
Arri SkyPanel S30C (Chimeras Built in)
Arri SkyPanel S60C (Chimeras Built in)
Arri SkyPanel S120C (Chimeras Built in)
Briese Focus 140
Bron Strobe with Beauty Dish
Bron Strobe with Reflector
Chimera Pancake
Dedo DLH4
ETC Source Four
Kino Flo 2′ Tube
Kino Flo 4′ Tube
Kino Flo 2′ Single, Double, 4 Bank
Kino Flo 4′ Single, Double, 4 Bank
Paper Lantern 22″
LiteGear LiteMat 1
LiteGear LiteMat 2L
LiteGear LiteMat 3
LiteGear LiteMat 4
LitePanels Astra
Mole Richardson 2K Spacelight
Mole Richardson 6k Spacelight


Chimera OctaPlus 5
Chimera Quartz Softbank Medium
Chimera Quartz Softbank Large
Chimera Video Pro Standard Small


Matthews Beefy Baby 3 Riser
Matthews Combo 3 Riser
Matthews 40″ C-stand
Matthews Turtle Stand
C-Clamp to Junior Female


Manfrotto Mega Boom


Matthews 40″ Arm
Matthews Grip Head 2 1/2″
Matthews Grip Head 4 1/2″


24×36″ Solid

Grip Rigs

4×4 Solid Floppy + C-Stand
12×12 Solid T-Bone + Combo Stand

Light Rigs

4×4 Diffusion Frame + C-Stand
6×6 Diffusion Frame + Stands
8×8 Diffusion Frame + Stands
12×12 Diffusion Frame + Stands
20×20 Diffusion Frame + Stands

4×4 Frame
6×6 Frame
8×8 Frame
12×12 Frame
20×20 Frame


1A Tools Alpha Wheels
Denecke TS3 Smart Slate
Inovativ Ranger 48 Cart
Apple iPad Mini + Fool Control
XRite Color Checker and Probes
Director’s Chair Tall
Folding Table 8′