Real World Scale 3D Model
Photo Scan Based

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Files Included:
– cds009-pie-v01.c4d
– cds009-pie-v01-eCom-01.jpg
– pie-001_baseTexBaked.jpg
– pie-001_normals.jpg
– pie-001_spec.jpg

File Formats:
Cinema 4D with Physical Render Material (R17, R18, R19)
*easy to setup for other render engines with textures

Created from a 3D photo scan of a cherry pie.
Scan: January 10, 2017 at Cambridge, MA.


January 10, 2017
– Uploaded “cds009-pie-v01.c4d”
– v01 uses two layers of Reflectance to have the pie tin be metallic and the pie be dielectric.