Chapman Hustler 4 Dolly


Cinema 4D 3D Model Rigged with Controls
*Requires Cine Designer R3 Plugin

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Included Files:
– Chapman-Hustler-4-v01.c4d
– Chapman-StandardHead _baseColor.png, _Metallic.png, _Normal.png, _Roughness.png
– Hustler4-body _Metallic.png, _Roughness.png, _BaseColor.png, _Normal.png
– Chapman-HustlerIV-handles _baseColor.png, _Metallic.png, _Normal.png, _Roughness.png
– Chapman-Hustle-4-v01-eCom-01.jpg

– RS-Chapman-Hustler-4-v01.c4d
– Same materials


January 13th, 2017
– Uploaded “RS-Chapman-Hustler-4-v01.c4d”
– Added Redshift Materials

January 8, 2017
– Uploaded “Chapman-Hustler-4-v01.c4d”
– This dolly uses PBR textures, there is no “Materials Controls.”