Cine Designer Subscription

$125.00 / year and a $400.00 sign-up fee

Plugin for Cinema 4D R17, R18, R19
REQUIRES: Maxon Cinema 4D

Asset Database of 3D Models and Rigs



Cine Designer Subscription

– Access to the Cine Designer Plugin and updates for 1 year
– Access to the Cine Designer Physical and Cine Designer Redshift Asset Database and additions/updates for a year
YOU KEEP the plugin and assets, after subscription ends
– Renew your subscription for continued access to updates and additions


R2 Upgrades

Update for R2 Users who bought after July 1, 2017 is $1.
Update for R1 or R2 Users who bought before July 1, 2017 is $125.

This signs you up for the annual $125 plan, which you can cancel any time and keep the plugin and assets.
Contact for discount code | cinematographydb.editor(at)gmail(dot)com


Physical vs Redshift?

Physical Renderer comes with Cinema 4D Broadcast, Visualize, and Studio and creates photo real results. It works on Mac and PC with almost any hardware combo, download the free trial to see how it runs on your computer.

Redshift is a third party render engine that uses Nvidia CUDA GPU acceleration and is VERY fast, compared to Physical Render. Redshift only requires Cinema 4D Prime. but it requires a Nvidia (CUDA) GPU/Graphics card, download the free demo of Redshift to see if runs on your computer.

The Cine Designer plugin works with both, but the database assets (camera, lights, etc.) only work with their respective render engine.


Cine Designer Physical

Most Affordable Combo: Cinema 4D Broadcast $1695 + Cine Designer $525 = Total: $2,220 (approx)

Cine Designer Redshift

Most Affordable Combo: Cinema 4D Prime $995 + Redshift 3D ($500) + Cine Designer $525 = Total: $2,020 (approx)



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