JL Fisher Model 23 Jib


Cinema 4D 3D Model Rigged with Controls
*Requires Cine Designer R3 Plugin

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Included Files:
– JLFisher-Model-23-v01.c4d
– RS-JLFisher-Model-23-v01.c4d

The JLFisher Model 23 sectional jib can be assembled in 7 different “Versions.” You can change between the different versions using the “Cine Designer Controls.”
The JLFisher Model 23 is usually mounted on the JLFisher Model 10 dolly with Center Mount and a 12-18″ Mitchel Riser.


February 1, 2017
– Uploaded “JLFisher-Model-23-v01.c4d”
– Uploaded “RS-JLFisher-Model-23-v01.c4d”