Stool Wood White Paint Worn


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Included Files:
– sdp001-stool-v01.c4d
– sdp001-stool_Diffuse.jpg
– sdp001-stool_Glossiness.jpg
– sdp001-stool_Height.jpg
– sdp001-stool_Normal.jpg
– sdp001-stool_Specular.jpg

Render Engine Supported
The file “sdp001-stool-v01.c4d” has a standard Cinema 4D Physical Render material pre-made.
It’s very easy to use the model and maps with any other render engine, you just have to setup the materials yourself.


December 31, 2017
– Uploaded “sdp001-stool-v01.c4d” and texture files.
– Model is unwrapped and has a UV layout