Set Designer for Cinema 4D in Development

In April of 2016, we launched the very first version of Cine Designer for Cinema 4D. Since then, our user base has continued to grow and we have released a new version and several updates. And we’ve always included a free “alpha” version of Set Designer with every Cine Designer license.

We are now working on an official release of Set Designer for Q4 of 2017.

What is Set Designer?

Set Designer is a collection of both parametric and static Cinema 4D assets that streamline the process of creating photo realistic sets.

– Stage Flats with windows and doors
– Residential house walls with windows and doors
– Floor and Ceiling with Stair Well
– Parametric Cabinets with Customizable Drawers and Doors
– Kitchen Assets ( Refridgerator, Microwave, Dishwasher, Sink, Faucets )
– Bathroom Assets ( Toliet, Shower, Sinks )
– Bedroom Assets ( Beds, Dressers, Night Tables )
– Practical Residential Lights and lamps
– Couches, Tables, Shelves, and more!

No one wants to 3d model rooms, doors, windows, etc. but they are essential to visualizing almost every scene. Set Designer for Cinema 4D brings together all of the essential components of a built set or house into one centralized place.

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Development Renders

Set Designer for Cinema 4D

Set Designer for Cinema 4D

Set Designer for Cinema 4D