Don’t Use PBR Materials with Physical Render in Cinema 4D

This is not a complaint, just a workflow update for Cine Designer and Set Designer users 🙂

Cinema 4D R17 introduced the “Reflectance” channel for it’s native materials. This was a move towards physically accurate reflections and using it for reflections works great. In R19 they added a new feature called “Add PBR Materials” that puts the “Color” channel in the “Reflectance Channel” as a Lambertian layer. This is mandatory for using Pro Render, their new native GPU render engine, that is actually made by Radeon Pro.

I tried using the new PBR Materials with my normal Physical Render workflow and found out that if you use the PBR Materials that they use the Embree Raytracing engine to calculate global illumination, even without “Global Illumination” added as an effect. It’s possible to use the PBR Materials with Physical if you are doing exteriors but for interiors they are VERY noisey and increase render times dramatically.

For this reason, Set Designer defaults to “Normal” C4D Materials that use the “Color Channel” and we recommend sticking with normal GI with Irradiance Cache/Light Mapping or QMC/Light Mapping.

We’ll make a video dedicated to render setting soon.