Set Designer Pack Cabinets Type 01


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Files Included:
cabinet-prefab01.c4d, cabinet-prefab02.c4d, cabinet-prefab03.c4d, cabinet-prefab04.c4d, cabinet-prefab05.c4d, cabinet-prefab06.c4d

File Formats:
Cinema 4D with Material (R17, R18, R19)

Completely able to change shaders to different render engine.
Cinema 4D objects are locked and hidden in a layer.

Version 03 – November 5, 2017
Changed the Materials back to “Non PBR.”

Version 02 – November 2, 2017
– Updated the materials to PBR Style. Color Channel becomes “Reflectance->Default Diffuse”.
– Fixed issues with handle materials override not changing all of the texture tags.

Version 01 – October 26, 2017
The Set Designer cabinets are designed to make laying out a modern kitchen easier. There are 6 different “prefab” cabinet variations that should cover the majority of basic kitchen cabinet layouts. The cabinets meant to be on the floor have counters and toe kicks. The cabinets meant to be mounted to a wall do not have counters or toe kicks.

Cabinet Prefab01 Controls