Set Designer Wall Type 01


Parametric Architectural Wall
Wall with two Double Hung Windows and one Pre Hung Door

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Files Included:

File Formats:
Cinema 4D with Material (R17, R18, R19)

– Default Materials uses “Color” channel.
– Has “PBR Material” option to change default materials to only use “Reflectance Channel.”
– Has option to completely override default materials.
– Cinema 4D objects/materials are locked/hidden in a layer.


Version 03 – November 5, 2017
We’ve decided that the new PBR Materials in C4D don’t work very well with our recommended Physical Render workflow.

– Added “PBR Material” options to the Set Designer controls that will make the default materials PBR Materials.
– If you uncheck “PBR Materials” the default materials will go back to “Color” channel materials and render much faster.

Here is a very long video explaining this decision.

Version 02 – November 2, 2017
We updated Set Designer Wall Type 01 to version 2.

– Updated ALL materials to be the new PBR Style Material. “Color” channel is replaced with “Default Diffuse” channel in the “Reflectance” channel.
– Added the “Material Controls” to the wall, door, window so it’s possible to use the UI to change the material of the ALL of the objects including the walls, windows, door trim, etc.

Version 01 – October 4, 2017
Set Designer Wall 01 is one of our first Parametric Architectural objects.  The wall itself has controls to change it’s size, color/material, and base board.

Wall Controls

The wall comes with two Double Hung Windows and a Pre Hung Door.  The windows and door have it’s own controls to change size, color, etc.

Door Controls

Window Controls