Wall Type 02 – Framing and Drywall


Parametric Real World Scale 3D Model

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Included Files:
– wall-type02-v01.c4d
– RS-wall-type02-v01.c4d

*This object uses the Cinema 4D MoGraph “Cloner Object” that is only found in Cinema 4D BROADCAST and STUDIO. Not Prime or Visualize.

Design and Recommended Use

Wall Type 02 is designed to work as a US Residential Home interior or exterior wall. The object will create the internal “framing” using 2×4″ studs every 24″ approximately. It will also create a sole and ceiling plates. If enabled, it will add an internal and external “drywall” that can have custom Material added to them individually.

This can be used for any wall, but the depth of the wall is limited to 2×4″ and 2×6″ to replicate the most common framing dimensions of US Residential house.


Parametric: Yes.
UV Unwrapped: No. All textures are Cubic Mapped.
C4D Materials: Yes.
“wall-type02-v01.c4dd” has standard Cinema 4D Physical Materials applied.
“RS-wall-type02-v01.c4d” has standard Redshift Materials applied.
Material Controls: Yes. You can drag and drop new materials to the different parts of this object.
Animatable: No.

Cinema 4D Attributes


January 15, 2017
– Uploaded “wall-type02-v01.c4d” and “RS-wall-type02-v01.c4d”.